Richard Stiso

Web Management

Richard came to PFLAG Jersey Shore in 2017, when looking for a way to give back to the LGBTQ community. Since he was raised in Toms River, volunteering In the Monmouth and Ocean County areas seemed to be a good fit. He began initially by attending the monthly support meetings, volunteering at PFLAG Jersey Shore sponsored events, and assisting with other duties.

In 2017, Richard was elected to join the PFLAG Jersey Shore board into the role of Social Media Coordinator. The Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts are maintained by Richard. Through these sites, he shares links to relevant articles, posts upcoming local events and meetings, communicates what PFLAG Jersey Shore is doing for the community, and coordinates with other members pertinent items to share.

As the social media accounts grow, Richard has taken on additional duties relating to other forms of digital communications. He assist in using the text messaging platform to mass communicate with members of the PFLAG Jersey Shore chapter, and works with others in managing the chapter’s website.