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Australia To Open Transgender Legal Center
Does basically what it says on the tin.

India Decriminalizes Gay Sex
FINALLY! India’s top court finally overturned a holdover homophobic law imposed by British colonial rule. This is a huge landmark event and will hopefully lead to long-term societal change and acceptance for India’s LGBT+ population.

Santander Anti-Trans
Santander bank froze a trans woman’s account for not sounding feminine enough.

Missouri Newest Trans Rights Battleground
Both Missouri Supreme court and a Missouri lower court are hearing separate cases of discrimination against transgender students – both of whom were denied access to bathrooms and changing rooms.

Caning Punishment of LGBT+ Spreads, And Denounced
The Pahang Islamic Religious Department (JAIP) is prepared to follow in the footsteps of Terengganu to impose the whipping sentence on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) offenders in the state. Meanwhile, a Malaysian Prime Minister spoke out against it: In a video posted on his Twitter account, PM Mahathir said the caning “did not reflect the justice or compassion of Islam.”


Australia Trains Teachers for Early Gender Counseling
In a slightly controversial move, Australia is giving primary and secondary school teachers the tools and training to help transgender youth. Gender identity experts and gender counselors have been put in charge of the trainings.

Catholic School Ignores Pope, Becomes LGBT+ Battleground
While recently the Pope has made many lgbt+ positive remarks, a principal in Indiana decided a long-married counselor should be put on leave. Students, parents, and faculty protested in a myriad of ways – students especially showing support for their reinstatement by wearing rainbows. The principal allegedly has been forbidding and attempting to stop students doing so. While he denies these allegations, he has ever increasing story inconsistencies and an email proving call for removal of posters organizing a planned show of support at a football game. The counselor in question has been in a same-sex marriage since 2014, and it was apparently not an issue for the school until earlier this calendar year.

Nonbinary Documentary Releases
“We Exist: Beyond the Binary” is a new documentary aiming to bring visibility to nonbinary lives and identities. It’s now available to watch online.

UK’s New HIV Cases Drop 17%
In the past year, the UK’s seen a 17% drop in new HIV cases. Since 2015, it’s dropped 31%, showing massive strides in HIV awareness and prevention. The drop is largely attributed to targeted efforts to help the gay and bisexual men’s communities, especially gay and bisexual men of color.

California Streamlines 3rd Gender Option
The new X gender marker voted and signed into law in 2017 is being streamlined – most places become available this month, but rollout of the new option will be complete by the 1st of January, 2019.

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