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Bisexual Awareness Week!
This past week was Bisexual Awareness Week! We should all, especially as LG*B*TQIA+ community members, take some time to learn about unique hardships the Bisexual members of our community face – and what we can do to help!

Arizona Children’s Hospital Removes Gender From Birth Certificates
Since it’s not actually chromosome based, but rather assigned by using an arbitrary ruler on infant genitalia, an Arizona hospital decided to do away with putting assigned gender on birth certificates entirely. It’s scientifically more sound, and trans and intersex friendly!

India Rules Lesbian Couples May Live Together
Lesbians in India face a double stigma and challenge, both for being gay and girls. So this is wonderful news, following hot on the heels of gay sex decriminalization.

Girlguides Welcome, Support Trans Members, and Leaders
It’s a tale as old as trans – a gendered group or club becomes inclusive, people rebel. Thankfully this one has a happy ending: instead of catering to transphobic members, the girlguides doubled down on their support and acceptance policy and removed the transphobes.

Lesbian Couples Change Austin High Homecoming Policy
After being nominated, then subsequently told they could not win based on their gender, two lesbian couples brainstormed how best to alter policy stating that only male-female couples could win Homecoming King and Queen. From now on, those with the most votes will be Homecoming Royalty, regardless of gender.

Cambridge Council Considers Transphobic Language
Cambridge City Council wants to replace references to “transgender” with “gender reassignment” or “transsexual people”, said the Local Democracy Reporting Service.

Kenya Considers Following India’s Lead
Kenya may be the next country to decriminalize gay sex, as the nation’s court hears a similar case… The parties of which are being allowed to make submissions based on India’s court’s decision. This will be another one to watch!

2018 Worst For Deadly Assaults Against Trans Americans
Or at least it’s on track to be.

Police Arrest Brooklyn Hate Crime Suspect
Brandon McNamara, 25, faces hate crime charges after two gay men were beaten unconscious outside a Brooklyn gay bar over the weekend.
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