Hey LGBTQIA+ siblings! This one’s a bit of a reprieve after last week! Here’s your Queer News Recap~
Judge Rules In Favor Of Intersex Friendly Passports
The U.S. State Department cannot deny a passport to a Navy veteran who is intersex and identifies as neither male nor female, a federal court ruled.

Trinidad And Tobago High Court Decriminalizes Homosexuality
The win is now being contested by the government and is headed to the Privy Council where a decision could affect the status of homosexuality in a further 10 former British colonies.

Trinidad And Tobago High Court Decriminalises Homosexuality

Lakota Teacher Sues Over Suspension For Trans Advocacy
Lakota teacher Emily Osterling says the district’s school board is attempting to fire her due to her activism for transgender students, according to a complaint filed in federal court this week.

More Ivy League Freshmen Queer Than Ever
According to Yale Daily News’ “Class of 2022: By the Numbers,” approximately 23 percent of the freshman class identify somewhere along the LGBTQ spectrum. This is up from 21 percent last year and 15 percent in 2016, according to the paper. At Harvard, a similar student survey in the Harvard Crimson found that more than 18 percent of the freshman class identify as something other than straight. This number has increased every year since 2014 when less than 10 percent of that year’s freshman class identified as nonheterosexual.

Evidence-Based Intervention Found Useful For Trans Sexual Heath
A randomized clinical trial of the intervention included 190 sexually active transgender women between the ages of 16 and 29 at community-based sites in Chicago and Boston. Project LifeSkills – run by and for trans girls and women — was delivered in six two-hour sessions over the course of three weeks. At one-year follow-up, the investigators found that the LifeSkills intervention resulted in a nearly 40 percent reduction in condomless sex among participants, compared to those who received standard care. Quelle surprise.

Reducing HIV Risk in Young Transgender Women

Yankees Late To Pride 2018, Promise 2019 Initiative
The Yankees’ commemoration, tabbed the Yankees-Stonewall Scholars Initiative, will be held during the team’s homestand from June 17-26 in 2019. It will honor graduating senior students from the New York City Public School who have made impactful support towards LGBT equality. Five $10,000 scholarships, which will be determined by the NYC Department of Education, will be disbursed to students from each of the five boroughs in New York City.

Transgender Plasma Donation Legal Battle Begins
A transgender woman in San Antonio says a local plasma donation center discriminated against her when it refused to let her donate.

Miss Universe International Includes First Trans Contestant
The inclusion of Angela Ponce in the intro reel on Miss Universe’s official Facebook page ends months-long speculation surrounding her eligibility. Ponce, 26, makes history as the first transwoman to join Miss Universe on the world stage.

Generic Truvada Soon Available in UK
A U.K. court ruled against a patent extension filed by Gilead Sciences, the manufacturer of the highly effective HIV prevention drug Truvada, which will open the U.K. market to a generic version of the pill. This week’s ruling follows last year, when Irish courts also ruled against Gilead’s attempt to maintain an exclusive patent to produce Truvada.

Pediatricians Reinforce Support For Trans Youth
A new policy statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics encourages pediatricians to provide gender-affirmative care and talk about gender issues from young childhood through adolescence. The statement provides practical information for clinicians and pediatricians to start conversations early.

Grindr Anti-Bigotry Campaign Finally Launches
Titled “Kindr,” the initiative hopes to tackle issues such as sexual racism, transphobia, and fat shaming through a combination of new community guidelines, stricter enforcement policies and a series of awareness-raising videos. The first video of the series was published Tuesday and has nearly 100,000 views.
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