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Pennsylvania’s Laws Updated In Slightly Uneven Way

The Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission added sexual orientation and gender identity to its definition of protected groups. That means people can now file complaints with the commission if they feel they were discriminated against in those settings because of their LGBT identity. However, physical violence and etc initiated with anti LGBT+-bias is still not considered a hate crime.


Democrats Adopt NB-Friendly Language

The DNC adopted a charter this week that allows members and nominees to choose to be neither male nor female on official records. This is important because the reason they monitor such things is to pursue equally represented genders and fight disparities. Here’s hoping it leads to nonbinary candidates and representatives in upcoming years!


Taiwan Faces New Hurdle In Same-Sex Marriage Legalization

While it was recently ruled unconstitutional to block same-sex marriage, conservatives in Taiwan are calling for a public vote instead of the planned referendum and reform. They also are running a campaign against legalizing it, saying it’ll ruin family values.


California Formally Denounces Intersex Infant Surgeries

California lawmakers passed a resolution Tuesday officially denouncing and calling to end unnecessary surgeries frequently done on intersex infants to make their generals look more binary – usually without even parent knowledge or consent.


California Also Supports Trans Youth Rights

Also this week, legislation that would provide transgender foster youth access to healthcare consistent with their gender identity was officially approved by the California State Legislature today and now heads to Governor Jerry Brown.


Supreme Court Refuses Intervention In LGBT Adoption Battle

The U.S. Supreme Court has declined to take action in a case in which a taxpayer-funded Catholic adoption agency is seeking a First Amendment right to deny child placement to LGBT homes for religious reasons. In an order handed down Thursday in the case of Fulton v. Philadelphia, the court announced it wouldn’t grant injunctive relief to Catholic Social Services, which is contesting a Philadelphia policy barring anti-LGBT discrimination among adoption agencies.


16 States Fight Federal Ruling For Transgender Rights

Officials from 16 states are urging the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn a lower court ruling that a transgender woman, who was fired after coming out to her boss, was unlawfully discriminated against.  They’re urging the Supreme Court to rule that federal civil rights law does not provide protections on the basis of gender identity. Because of course, they are. The case is being considered a litmus test for transgender rights and protections and is definitely one to be watched.



Federal Court Rules Fair Housing Act Covers LGBT+

A federal appeals court found that the U.S. Fair Housing Act places obligations on landlords to protect LGBTQ tenants from harassment by other tenants. This came about due to harassment against 70-year-old Marsha Wetzel, who went to court after enduring homophobic abuse at her senior living center, and said center did nothing to stop it, even when gone through proper channels.


Texan Transgender-Powered Healthcare Research Collaborative Gets Funding

In laymen’s terms: The additional resources will allow an increase in the number of transgender persons participating in research and creates a transgender collective to work with doctors and researchers. Which will, in turn, allow for more and more actuate studies into creating competent healthcare for the state’s transgender community.


UK Gets Permanent LGBTQ Crisis Shelter

With UK homelessness rates skyrocketing – an increase of 134% in six years – a need for shelters was obvious. When looked into, however, records showed it disproportionately affected LGBT+ members: only about 4% of the general population, but over a quarter of the under-25-year-old homeless population. After a successful test run, the government decided to fund a permanent version, to be managed by the grassroots test-runner The Outside Project, as well as Stonewall Housing, a more established LGBT+ crisis housing program.


University Endorses, Then Revokes Endorsement Of, Transgender Youth Study

The research claimed “social and peer contagion” was a plausible explanation for the number of cases where the majority of children in a friendship group became “transgender-identified” at the same time, and claimed YouTube, Social Media, and friendships could influence children to “become” trans.


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