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Trans Student Excluded During Emergency Drill
A transgender student was denied access to the shelters students are shuttled into during shooting-style emergencies: the locker rooms. During an emergency lockdown drill, the student was denuded access to either shelter room and instead made to remain out in the hallway.

Facebook Blocks Gay Ad Content
Facebook got caught blocking gay-themed ads – everything from inclusive senior housing to Spanish-speaking outreach groups to queer comedians to charities.

UK Stonewall Faces Backlash Over Trans Acceptance
Anti-Trans LGB community members are throwing a hissy fit in every way possible to try and pressure Stonewall – the UK Charity – to back down from its support for transgender rights.

Study Documents LGBT Homeownership Lag
A new study shows that while older lesbian and gay households are the most likely to own a home, even the lag over 10% behind the general populace, and the rates of homeownership drop drastically in-community from there. Discrimination and fear thereof, and lack of funds, all found to be significant factors. Gee. Who knew.

Study: LGBT homeownership rates lag; discrimination fears play a role

Inclusive Bathrooms Blamed, Investigated In Kindergarten Assault
DeVos’s Department of Education has been called in to investigate claims that a transgender-inclusive bathroom policy is the cause of an assault. The case alleges that a genderfluid child took advantage of the school’s policy to grope another student.

Romania To Vote On Marriage Definition, Possible Gay Marriage Ban
The referendum and vote take place over the time I usually write this. The results should be in by the time it’s posted. In the meantime, the call to vote has stirred up hate and bigotry.

North Carolinians May Continue To Challenge Pro-Trans-Bathroom Ban
Civil rights groups on Monday celebrated developments in a lawsuit that challenges North Carolina’s ban on local nondiscrimination ordinances and questions the state’s stance on transgender people’s bathroom use. However, the rest of their challenge of HB2 was dismissed.

Tokyo Bans LGBTQ Discrimination
In a brief spot of light, Tokyo just became a bit safer for lgbtq+ folx. It’s mostly just to met Olympic Inclusion standards for 2020, but progress is still progress.

Tokyo Passes Law Banning LGBTQ Discrimination

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