A week of mostly amazing victories, to be sure!
150+ LGBT+ Candidates Elected
This record breaking and historic election cycle shows what happens when we turn out to vote. Yes, your vote counts, and here’s how it shows!

UK Labour Party Cracks Down on Transphobia
After a member purposefully and pointedly misgendered a trans woman, the party threatened disciplinary action, and seeks both correction and prevention of further instances of Transphobia.

Scotland First Country To Add LGBT+ Classes
In a trailblazing move, Scotland is the first country to mandate comprehensive LGBTQ+ classes. They’ll focus on gender, sexuality, consent, and more.

Intersex Day of Solidarity
Learn more about this under-served and underrepresented part of our community, and learn how to give solidarity every day.

Lebanon Psych Publishes Plea: “Homosexuality Is Not A Disease”
Not only that, the paper was published in a major medical journal for the country.

Massachusetts Upholds Trans Rights
The referendum vote to uphold or revoke protections of transgender rights has been tallied. The vote shows just how many allies Massachusetts holds.

Trauma Added to Bi/Lesbian Cardiovascular Risks
Trauma may rank alongside tobacco use, binge drinking, and overeating as a potential risk factor for cardiovascular disease (CVD) in lesbian and bisexual women, new research suggests. While not happy news in and of itself, it means more research into comprehensive and uniquely queer medical care is happening.

Activists Call to End Stall on Trans Rights
Vietnam in 2015 changed its civil code to allow transgender people who have undergone surgery to be registered and recognized by their new gender. But a long-promised trans law that would cover a wide range of issues has stalled, and activists are pushing for more rights and services; including making gender reassignment surgery and hormone therapy legally available to its citizens, and also allowing gender changes without surgery.

Kansas Governor to Protect LGBTQ+ Rights
From nondiscrimination laws to adoption policies, Kansas has elected one hell of an ally.

Judge Orders Transgender Training for Prison Staff
While the prison industrial complex is bullshit, harm reduction is important. And a large step for harm reduction was just made.

Trump Seeks Ban of LGBT+ Asylum
Because what isn’t he trying to ban, honestly. But people are vocally against it.

Victoria’s Secret Transphobic, Backpedals
In a move that I’m sure surprises no one, the chief of marketing for Victoria’s Secret and its sister companies stated they would not hire transgender models, claiming their products aren’t meant for trans people. They since issued a halfhearted apology at the backlash.

Doctorate Census May Add LGBT+ Questions
During a meeting last week at NSF’s headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia, the agency said it plans to test the feasibility of adding questions about sexual orientation and gender identity.

Australian Bank Offers Transgender Leave
Westpac employees will have access to up to four weeks of paid leave and a year of unpaid leave to make a gender transition under a new wages and conditions agreement.

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