Welcome to the Queer Recap! Here I’ll round up some important LGBTQIA++ News stories, sum them up, and share my sources for further perusal.

LGBT Southern History Project

A large-scale effort is being made to uncover lost, removed, and rewritten chapters of the south’s Queer History. LGBT+ people have been around forever, including in the deep south. But erasure also happens everywhere, leading to the perception that being queer is somehow New or Trendy. They hope that bringing light to their own LGBT+ history and heritage will help the more traditional crowds accept others easier, as well as give southern LGBT+ folx a stronger sense they belong.


Anti-Gay Baker Also Anti-Trans, Being Sued Again

A trans woman wanted a birthday cake in pink, white, and blue to celebrate another year of life and get living it as her true self. Since it’s not a wedding cake commission, as long as there wasn’t any anti-religion wording in the Civil Rights Commissions order for a mediated solution, it’ll be harder to argue in court against.


Penn. Governor Candidate Anti-Trans

Despite claiming to support LGBT rights acts, Republican candidate Scott Wagner thinks genitalia one’s born with should dictate bathroom use. Literally, he was pretty descriptive about it. CW for explicit transphobic language.


Illinois Festival Honors LGBT Activists

Two individuals and a South Side institution who work to improve the lives of Illinoisans, particularly LGBTQ people of color, will be honored Friday at the Kick-Off Reception for the weekend’s Fahrenheit Chicago celebration. Yay LGBT+ beach parties and intersectionality!


Frontier Fires Pilot For Threatening Transgender Child

Remember how in the news recently, a family had to move because a frankly terrifying number of adults dogpiled threats against their 12-year-old daughter for using a bathroom? Well, one of those adults just got fired. Yay Frontier Airlines. CW reference to the *very* graphic threats made against a 12-year-old girl.


Maine Holds LGBT Author Festival

Experiences of the queer community will be explored by writers of memoirs and social history at OutSpoken: An LGBT Author Festival. The festival authors will read from and discuss the inspiration behind their recent books, giving a voice and platform to our often erased or ignored artists and life experience. It’s even a free event to attend!


Trans Wisconsin State Workers Granted Insurance Coverage

The Group Insurance Board voted 5-4 to cover gender-reassignment surgery and related services. The board initially approved it in 2016, making it effective the following year, before reversing its decision at the request of Gov. Scott Walker. Now it’s being reinstated and added to coverage again. Seriously, what is it with governors named Scott?


Yet Another Study Confirms Lesbian Moms Raise Healthy Kids

Technically most studies agree they raise healthier kids than their straight counterparts, but still. As long as people try to restrict access to parenting because of some imagined danger, scientists will continue to do 20+ year-long studies and show the results. In this case, the results continuously, massively debunk the notion that non-heterosexual parents are in any way detrimental to children’s health.


Leelah Alcorn Documentary Debut

Leelah Alcorn, a teenage trans girl whose suicide brought mass media attention on, and sparked several bans of, conversion “therapy”, is being honored with a documentary. It debuted at the Cindependent Film Festival.


Catholic Conference Hears Gay Acceptance Plea

At the World Meeting of Families, which is organized by the Vatican every three years and is being held in Dublin this year, U.S. Jesuit priest James Martin told delegates that excluding lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Catholics violated the teachings of Jesus Christ. The speech was the first of its kind and listed concrete steps that could be taken to accept and welcome LGBT members and their families.


Nashville Opening Transgender Clinic

Vanderbilt Health in Nashville is opening a clinic for transgender healthcare. Huzzah!


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