Advocacy is a large part of our mission at PFLAG Jersey Shore, and we cannot do it alone.  Sometimes, the loudest voices of change come from those who do not identify as LGBTQ+, but join our organization as a voice of change. PFLAG Jersey Shore has lent its voice to many different causes that are important to our community, both locally and nationally.  We cannot do this alone, and invite you to join PFLAG Jersey Shore as we continue to fight for equality for our families and friends.

This year, we will continue to our work to ensure that:

  • Elected officials choose policy that is pro-LGBTQ
  • Educate local healthcare systems on providing safe and supportive care to LGBTQ+ patients
  • Educate the community that transgender rights are human rights
  • Advocate that we move forward towards greater inclusivity and not move backwards

We have seen tragedies around our country involving our community, and now we find our own government trying to eliminate rights previously afforded the LGBTQ+community.  Now, more than ever we need your voice!  Consider joining us at an upcoming meeting.

Visit our meetings and event calendar to find the date and location of our upcoming Parents, Families, and LGBTQ Support Group meetings.

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