Bobbi Prato

Board Member & Faith Liaison 

Bobbi Prato is a transgender person who self identifies as a concerned member of the human race. Her pronouns are she, her, they and them. Having come out later in life, and growing up pre-internet she brings a different perspective to the transgender journey,

Bobbi has been involved with PFLAG for over 12 years and serves on the PFLAG Jersey Shore board as the Faith Liaison because her faith and trans journey are very intertwined. After spending a number of years feeling unwanted in worship spaces, Bobbi found a spiritual home and now wants to help individuals and families who are struggling with faith and being a part of the LGBTQ community to find a place where they can be affirmed and feel free to follow their own spiritual paths.

Bobbi splits her time between caring for her octogenarian parents, serving in her place of worship, and serving on the board of PFLAG Jersey Shore. She also assists at PFLAG Jersey Shore’s two support meetings and believes educating people on LGBTQ topics is the best way to combat misinformation and people’s LGBTQ phobias. Bobbi feels it is harder to hate someone when you start to see them as human beings.

Bobbi considers her greatest accomplishment as being the parent of an amazing daughter.