Not everyone has a “Mom” in the traditional sense
Mother’s Day isn’t only for your mom. It’s a time to acknowledge all the aunts, grandmas, cousins, sisters, wives, birth mothers, surrogates, egg donors, and partners who have spread joy by being fantastic mothers. If this is a tough day for you, anyone reading this, know this is a day for celebrating nurturing & maternal energy.

A Thank You Letter to my Mom and all the “Moms” in this world….

Thank you. I cannot think of more appropriate words to say besides those two simple, yet powerful ones. You are deserving of gratitude every single day for the way you raised your family. Today and every day, I am thankful for the gift you are, as a mother, friend, mentor, and hero.

Thank you for humbling yourself to put my needs (and more often wants) above your own. Thank you for sacrificing innumerable hours to help with projects, or take care of ailments, or to simply spend an afternoon bonding with me. Thank you for home-cooked meals after long days. Thank you for new clothes when I already had more than enough. Thank you for displaying grace in the midst of storms. Thank you for being a wife of noble character. Thank you for showing me how to be strong. Thank you for laughing with me so hard we cry. Thank you for loving me unconditionally when I came out as gay, you didn’t skip a beat.

Instead of turning away as many others have, you turned toward me and surrounded me with love and acceptance. You reminded me I am always loved. You walk by my side in Pride parades, excited to show the world the importance of acceptance and unity. I love myself, and I am proud to be myself because of you. Your love truly inspires me. You always know the right words to say when I’m sad and how to quickly cheer me up. Thank you for always telling me the truth. You are my biggest supporter and always tell me the truth, even when I do not want to hear it. Sometimes the truth hurts, but I know you always have my best interest at heart. Thank you for being my “go-to” whenever something is bothering me or I have a question, you always know the answer. You continue to surprise me by how much you know. Your intelligence truly amazes me. Thank you for always putting me as your first priority. You are indeed the most selfless woman I know.

You have always made sure I was taken care of before yourself. You never think about yourself and continue to put your children first. Thank you for always being so strong. Your strength has shown me I can overcome any obstacle thrown my way. Your determination to never give up has inspired me to always keep moving forward. Thank you for being strong, even when you did not want to be. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without you. Every time I’m with you, I’m thankful and reminded of how great you truly are. Thank you for memories I will never forget, and a legacy I will proudly carry on.

I cannot wait for the day that I get to live out a life with my future family that reflects the influence you have had on ours. I cannot wait to follow in your footsteps of being a present, intentional, and loving parent – an encouraging, supportive, and tactful spouse – and a consistent, loyal, and hardworking employee all at once. You’re celebrating another Mother’s Day without your own mom, and I hate that for you. Still, one thing I’ve learned is that the gift of a good mom never stops giving, even long after your mom is gone. I see the impact of your great mom in my life. You are, without a doubt, the most incredible person I know, and to be your child is an honor I will never be deserving of. I hope to make you as proud of me as I am of you every day. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there, especially the ones we are not able to celebrate with but know are always looking down on us.

This Mother’s Day, I’m thanking all the moms out there because mothers should be celebrated every day, not just today.

A Letter to All Mothers