Queer News Recap — November 11, 2018

A week of mostly amazing victories, to be sure! 150+ LGBT+ Candidates Elected This record breaking and historic election cycle shows what happens when we turn out to vote. Yes, your vote counts, and here's how it shows! https://www.advocate.com/election/2018/11/07/84-plus-lgbtq-people-elected-amid-rainbow-wave UK Labour Party Cracks Down on Transphobia After a member purposefully and pointedly misgendered a trans [...]

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Queer News Recap – September 2, 2018

Welcome back, everyone! Here's your Queer News Recap for the week! Pennsylvania's Laws Updated In Slightly Uneven Way The Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission added sexual orientation and gender identity to its definition of protected groups. That means people can now file complaints with the commission if they feel they were discriminated against in those settings [...]

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Letters & Colors

As time has passed, acceptance for the LGBTQ+ community had begun to take a journey into new areas of sexuality and gender expression that have never been explored by mainstream American society. The Stonewall Riots, in 1969 changed the course for that community to bring awareness, acceptance, and recognition as an individual community that was [...]

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Parents, Families, and LGBTQ Support Group

At this meeting, we discuss the full range of LGBT-related topics. We welcome parents and other family members, friends, allies, and LGBT people to attend. Our meetings are open to anyone who wants to join us, however we do encourage transgender individuals and their families to attend the transgender support meeting.

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