Aaand we’re back! It’s been a week of contention and protests thanks to the Trump administration attempting to make definitions to prevent Transgender existence, both in America and out. Here’s what you may have missed this news cycle!

Uruguay Grants Transgender Rights
While the US govt is trying to revoke rights, Uruguay is expanding them! Their Congress just approved a law that grants transgender people the right to get an operation that matches their sexual identity. It will be paid by the Uruguayan state along with hormone treatments. The law also ensures a minimum number of transgender people are given public jobs in the next 15 years.

Religious “Activist” Burns Children’s Library Books
The director of “Rescue the Perishing” checked out books from Orange City Public Library specifically to burn them. When interviewed, he claimed the “straw that broke the camel’s back” was the children’s books being read at local Pride and an LGBT+ festival, but also cited things such as inclusive policies, equal rights, and even sex education curriculum as the cause for his book burning/destruction of property.

Ohio Lawyer Offers Free Trans Name Change Services
A kindhearted lawyer in Ohio is offering pro bono services for trans people seeking name changes! Huzzah! Here’s hoping it inspires others to do what they can, as well!

Romania Gay Marriage Ban Fails Miserably
As the US risks losing equal rights due to low voter turnout, that’s apparently what saved the day in Romania!

HHS Removes “Gender” From Civil Rights Page
The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) removed mentions of the term “gender” from its civil rights webpage. The Office of Civil Rights (OCR) webpage “Discrimination on the Basis of Sex” was altered to remove ten mentions of the word “gender,” according to a new report from the Sunlight Foundation’s Web Integrity Project released on Tuesday.

GLAAD Finds LGBTQ+ Rights A Partisan Issue
GLAAD sent a survey to the nearly 1,200 candidates running for seats in both houses of Congress, as well as those running for governor and lieutenant governor. While 240 Democrats and 79 third-party candidates filled out the survey, only 32 Republicans did so. Of those who responded, 99 percent of Democrats and 80 percent of third-party candidates received an “Ally” designation from GLAAD, the highest of the three ratings. Only 55 percent of the Republicans that responded received such.

Intersex Rights Gain More Traction
More parents are becoming knowledgeable on intersex issues and advocating for their children and against unnecessary cosmetic surgeries.

Lesbian Kicked From Bowling Alley Bathroom
Jessica Walton and her wife Charlie were celebrating their birthdays at a Strike Bowling Alley Saturday evening in Australia when they were asked to leave for using the women’s toilets by a security guard who thought they were transgender. A manager made the guard apologize, but still. The person who helped ameliorate the situation was nonbinary, but Walton felt it should not be on queer people to fix dilemmas caused by bigoted staff.

Intersex Awareness Day
It was Intersex Awareness Day! Celebrate belatedly by learning more about what shared, similar, and unique struggles the Intersex community faces:

Transgender Activist Wins Brazil Election
Érica Malunguinho, a 36-year-old Afro-Brazilian activist and trans woman, won a seat in the Legislative Assembly of Sao Paulo. She will now represent the South American country’s largest city, which counts 13 million residents.

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