It’s been a slower, slightly better week! Here’s what you might have missed:

NJ Schools Can Keep Queer Identities From Parents
NJ has a new guidance for public schools: After years of school officials using their own best judgment, New Jersey has weighed in, siding with students and telling schools they must allow kids to change genders — even if their parents don’t know about or don’t want it to happen.

Trump Proposes Protest Restrictions
This isn’t exclusively queer, but the reason pride exists is from a riot. Protests are how we’ve fought for and won our rights. So these restrictions would hurt our community more than most think.

Czech Social Rights Committee Seeks Legal Changes
Current laws in the Czech Republic force the sterilization of transgender people. Their social rights committee, however, has released a statement that may force the Republic’s hand: “State recognition of a person’s gender identity is itself a right recognized by international human rights law,” the social rights committee noted, “and is important for guaranteeing the full enjoyment of all human rights.”

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UK Sides With Bigot Baker, Sparking Businesses to Protest
In an attempt at “turn bout’s fair play”, a UK photographer refused to photograph for an anti-LGBT+ group who tried to hire them to capture a press statement following a court hearing – the one regarding a Christian baker refusing a queer person a cake on “moral grounds”. The UK Court sided with the baker, unfortunately – hence the protest. Theoretically, if another court battle brews, there’s a precedent in the photographer’s defense.

Minnesota, NYC Add “X” Gender Options
Minnesota and NYC this week join the ranks of NJ, Maine, Oregon, California, Washington and the District of Columbia, by adding X options to the standard M and F for identification documents.

25 Churches Sue For Right to Not Hire LGBT+
25 Texas churches (shocking, I know,) are suing Austin over its 1992 anti-discrimination policy. They want the right both to refuse lgbt+ folx jobs, as well as the right to pass over women as clergy.

Jury Awards Transgender Women $780K For Denied Health Coverage
Two Trans-Wisconsin state employees will receive $780,000 after previously being denied health care coverage for treatments such as sex reassignment surgery and hormone therapy. The ACLU says this is one of the first times a jury has awarded damages to trans people denied healthcare in the US.

Facebook Creates “Came Out” Feature
Facebook added a life event feature to celebrate this year’s Coming Out Day: you can now add “Came Out” as a Life Event. It has a rainbow instead of a standard flag.

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