Welcome Back — Here’s what you missed on Glee- I mean, the news:

BBC Fails Asexuals
One of the most diverse representations of the asexual community got boiled down and purposefully cut and twisted into the “broken asexual” stereotype.

Tanzania To Hunt Gays
A crackdown on homosexuality is occurring. They’ve been asking for tips and police claim they will not hold back.

Scientists Defend Trans/Intersex Existence
Because nature doesn’t care about your attempts to oversimplify it, and people who study it prove it.

BBC Fails Brazil Gays, Too
Seriously, what’s going on at the BBC? Aphobia and homophobia in the same week?

SA Support Targeted Over Trans Speaker
A sexual assault support group that hosts speakers hosted a trans survivor. All hell broke loose.

Sabrina Writers Honor Nonbinary Input
The actor of one of the characters in the new Sabrina show is nonbinary! Their character’s path is going to include a gender transition. Unlike other shows, the writers listened to lived experiences and took notes. Huzzah for inclusive representation!

Lesbian Couple Carries Child Together
One mother had her eggs fertilized and carried the embryo for a week. Then the other mother carried it to term. It’s a groundbreaking surgery paves the way for LGBT+ and straight/cis couples alike!

Genderless Bathrooms Gain Popularity
As people continue to try and legislate transgender access to restrooms, more and more buildings, companies, and organizations are choosing to just add non-gendered ones.

Republican Official Declares War On Non-Christians, Gays, Etc
He even outlined a 14 step plan. Neo-nazis sure love their 14s.

Community Rallies Around Trans Boys Booted From Boys Skate
Two trans boys were kicked from a “boys only” skate event. The community is sticking up for them and protesting the unfair treatment.

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