Welcome Back! Here’s what you missed this week:

Polish Prez Supports “Gay Propaganda” Ban
He technically didn’t say he’d do it, and EU courts have ruled against other country’s attempts, but still.

Transgender Awareness Week/Day of Remembrance
Transgender Awareness Week is a vital opportunity to advocate for the visibility, protection, dignity and rights of trans, non-binary and gender-expansive people around the world. The week culminates on November 20 with Transgender Day of Remembrance, an annual observance honoring the victims of the fatal epidemic of anti-transgender violence that disproportionately targets trans women of color. This year, Jersey City officially recognized it.

Gov Murphy Attends LGBT Activists Wedding
Not big news, but still a far, far cry from previous governor’s positions on marriage equality. It’s a show, yes, but a show of support, and how far we’ve come, and can now continue to go.

Transgender Friendly Lingerie Brands Boosted
After Victoria’s Secret chief of marketing spouted Transphobic nonsense, then backpedaled at the backlash with a faux-pology, actually-trans-friendly lingerie brands are being given the spotlight.

Gay Student Reveals Nazi Classmates
In case you missed it, a class photo hit the internet of students doing Nazi salutes. There was dispute of if it really was intentional or not, but that was resolved when one of the kids who abstained spoke up.

Professor Rebuked Over Transphobia, Sues School
He’s claiming Transphobia is under freedom of speech and religion. Considering recently neo Nazi harassment has been ruled *not* freedom of speech, this should be one to keep tabs on.

Episcopal Bishop Homophobic Despite Leaders Orders
He issued a directive against marriage equality in his diocese, against orders from those above him.

Guyana Court Strikes Down Transphobic Law
The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) ruled against a law in Guyana banning men and women from going into public places ‘dressed in clothing of the opposite sex for an “improper purpose”‘.

LGBT+ Asylum Seekers 1st At US Border
The subset of roughly 80 queer asylum seekers fleeing violence broke from the main migrant caravan due to further violence, and were the first to arrive at the border. Despite following our presidents directive to apply for asylum at specific points of entry, they’ve been repeatedly turned away and told they can’t do as instructed. Lawyer groups, activists, and good Samaritans have gotten them stays at AirBnBs, and are traveling to offer legal council.

Rainbow Cards Project Joins Holiday Home/Mom Efforts
El Roberts-Wright, a 20-year-old queer woman from the U.K., is spreading holiday cheer with the Rainbow Cards Project, which sends Christmas cards to LGBTQ people who’ve been rejected by their families. It provides a tangible cousin to the virtual Your Holiday Mom project, and joins the efforts of such groups as Home For The Holidays and Free Mom Hugs to provide family and community to LGBT+ folx.

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