A Letter to All Moms by Steve Von Steenburg

Not everyone has a “Mom” in the traditional sense Mother’s Day isn’t only for your mom. It’s a time to acknowledge all the aunts, grandmas, cousins, sisters, wives, birth mothers, surrogates, egg donors, [...]

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Queer News Recap — November 18, 2018

Welcome Back! Here's what you missed this week: Polish Prez Supports “Gay Propaganda” Ban He technically didn't say he'd do it, and EU courts have ruled against other country's attempts, but still. https://www.gaytimes.co.uk/community/115058/polish-president-andrzej-duda-would-support-a-ban-on-homosexual-propaganda/ Transgender Awareness [...]

Queer News Recap — November 11, 2018

A week of mostly amazing victories, to be sure! 150+ LGBT+ Candidates Elected This record breaking and historic election cycle shows what happens when we turn out to vote. Yes, your vote counts, and here's [...]

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Queer News Recap — October 28, 2018

Aaand we're back! It's been a week of contention and protests thanks to the Trump administration attempting to make definitions to prevent Transgender existence, both in America and out. Here's what you may have missed [...]

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Queer News Recap — November 4, 2018

Welcome Back -- Here's what you missed on Glee- I mean, the news: BBC Fails Asexuals One of the most diverse representations of the asexual community got boiled down and purposefully cut and twisted into [...]

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