Lee Mokobe is a South African slam poet and co-founder of Vocal Revolutionaries.

Vocal Revolutionaries is a registered Non-profit organization, whose staff is volunteer based. It was founded in 2011 by Lee Mokobe who saw the need to improve the lives of youth in Cape Town by teaching them how to tell their stories from their own perspective. Mokobe realized a need to speak on issues that plagued their communities and as such initially used spoken word to lobby for change. He recognized that through leadership and eloquence that the youth could do anything.

From there the organization graduated to teaching digital arts to help amplify the township youth narrative. While running several workshop programs, Mokobe and team identified various other needs that the disadvantaged youth in South Africa needed assistance with. They established a house that would be a home of safety for orphans and abandoned youth. Provided food, travel funds and educational assistance.

It is now a thriving organization that focuses on creating programs that cater to youth holistically with arts education programs, partnerships with reading clubs, scholarships to further youth studies, opportunities for travel and a physical shelter for those who may need it.

Their organization allows room for self-expression in a safe environment. They are an organization that critically challenges the youth to find their voices in order to take full accountability for their future. They pride themselves in providing mentorship and tutoring in the arts sphere, as a form of youth development. Vocal Revolutionaries uses slam poetry, performance poetry, music and drama as a way for youth to deal with issues that plague them daily in their impoverished communities. They have pledged themselves to improving the quality of leadership of South African youth by arming them with tools they may use to change the course of their lives.
They cater to youth aged 6-24 years old. They promote creative expression and leadership. They are giving youth the space to use their voices as tools for social and personal transformation. Vocal Revolutionaries bolsters confidence and a sense of accomplishment for the South African youth.

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